Founders and Secretary General, Awqaf

Husain Benyounis

Husain Benyounis is one of the founders and the Secretary General of Awqaf New Zealand. His focus as Secretary General is to revive & increase the effectiveness of the role of the Islamic Waqf/Relief Industry in providing mechanisms and institutions for developing optimum use of the resources of charities for achieving self-sufficiency.

Since 2013 he has been working in Engineering the Awqaf Industry through the “Awqaf Sukuk”. Model replication has been part of Awqaf engineering and therefore Husain has helped in setting up Awkaf Australia, Awqaf USA, Awqaf Fiji, Awqaf Canada, Awqaf UK, Awqaf France and Awqaf Netherlands.

He represented Awqaf New Zealand to receive the first prize award in the Islamic Economy Award 2013 on the Awqaf category.

He is now working towards establishing the “SMART Waqf” which he believes will be the communication platform between the Profit and Non-Profit sectors. The SMART Waqf will be the missing tool that will integrate the Awqaf industry into the Capital Market. He anticipates that the SMART Waqf is going to reshape the Islamic Social Finance industry.