Hon. Dr. Nazar Al Baharna

Dr. Nazar is an academic Professor, entrepreneur and a former Bahrain Minister of State for Foreign Affairs with considerable expertise in the areas of International relations, Foreign Policy, Education, Training, Energy management and Technology. He has Spearheaded reforms in policy and strategy that had influenced critical decisions at the Country’s highest level, and developed mutually beneficial alliances internally and externally. A successful businessman with regional, and international connections, he is:

•    President, Federal German-GCC Business Association, Berlin, Germany
•    Executive Chairman, Elynar and Associates
•    Founder, Community Development Enterprise
•    Board Member, Finocracy
•    Board Member, The Borgen Project, USA
•    Chairman, TCG International
•    Chairman, Al Baharna Group Holding
•    Former, Bahrain Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
•    Former, Bahrain Minister of Health
•    Former, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce &
•    Industry
•    Former Vice President of The University of Bahrain