Founder and CEO, WeatherTec

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, born in Munich and living in Zurich, is the founder of the Water-Food-Nature Impact Fund as a broader business alliance of companies fighting water and food scarcity and operating on a global scale.

The core of this challenging mission is his company “WeatherTec” with its worldwide unique eco-friendly technology offering rain enhancement. The zero-emission technology can create hundreds of millions of cubic meter of additional freshwater over areas of 10,000 of square kilometers. WeatherTec works for governments only and operated on three continents in countries like Switzerland, Australia, UAE, and presently Jordan.

Prior to that Dr. Fluhrer was an Internet pioneer by launching in 1995 the first B2B in healthcare “Health Online Service”, which he sold later to Bertelsmann. He also worked as senior manager in international media companies, like Axel Springer, Handelsblatt and Burda Media where he was responsible for internationalization and technology development.

Fluhrer started his career with 16 years as publisher of a countrywide youth newsmagazine. He became youngest German member of the Word Economic Forum and was a participant of G20 and Munich Security Conference.