Managing Director, MBRIF Accelerator

Alex Collins

Alex Collins is the Managing Director of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF) Accelerator, a public-private partnership conceived by the UAE Ministry of Finance. The Accelerator offers world-class services and coaching to member companies, to accelerate their businesses, elevate capabilities, unlock value and achieve scale. Via the Accelerator, Alex and his team identify, develop and nurture high potential innovators from around the world to thrive in the UAE.

Alex is passionate about working with start-up, scale-up and rapid growth businesses to help them innovate & grow. He believes that governments have a big role to play in nurturing these businesses’ in order to unlock tangible economic and social benefits.

Alex has built a range of game-changing digital products for private and public organizations across the MENA region, including a virtual advisor platform targeted at start-ups and scale ups. This platform helps these companies to grow their business and develop new capabilities.