Director, Financial Industry, South Pole Group

Maximillian Horster

Max is a partner at the South Pole Group, a global leader in measuring and reducing climate and sustainability impact. South Pole Group’s 180 sustainability specialists service over 1’000 companies, agencies, and governments out of 17 offices around the globe.

Max pioneered in 2010 the leading methodology to establish climate impact assessments of investment portfolios. Clients include some of the world’s leading asset managers and institutional investors such as pension plans, foundations and trusts, as well as private banks and research institutions. Max currently leads two EU funded investment-related greenhouse gas accounting projects, is working in several industry organizations dealing with financial greenhouse gas accounting and advises governments on the matter. Prior to joining the South Pole Group, he worked in equity and fixed income research capacities as well as in business development with Capital Group Companies in Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, Geneva and London. In his past, Max was an academic researcher and worked with a Member of the European Parliament. He holds a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge.