Founder & CEO, thirdACT

Diane Schrader

Diane is the founder and CEO of thirdACT, the first blockchain company to be a Public Benefit Corporation.  Diane studied figurative painting at San Jose State University, taught herself to code and began her career in the computer games industry.   Early in her career, Diane was responsible for developing a global user base for new 3D animation/visualization technologies.   Her work took her to over 50 countries.  The experience taught her to leverage the strengths of local cultures towards overall growth and greater good.  Mid career, Diane leapt into finance, developing an algorithmic trading platform for index futures.  Prior to founding thirdACT, Diane was drawn towards sustainability.  She became an investor/advisor to startups, particularly those with a strong mission.  She still works with a number of entrepreneurs,  regularly taking office hours and speaking at numerous events.


thirdACT description:

thirdACT is a real estate finance and technology company. We develop real estate portfolios for institutional investors who want access to the US small commercial market. Through thirdACT,  investors fund energy efficiency, clean energy and other sustainability property improvements.  Investors benefit from multiple sale cycles and appreciation without the burdens of property ownership (taxes, insurance, management costs, etc)…   For the same cost of owning a single large commercial property, investors develop a diverse portfolio of micro real estate holdings that provide 30 years of long term cash flow.

Investment contracts are native digital assets, utilizing the latest advances in blockchain digital ledgers and smart contracts to automate transactions.  Blockchain enables long term security, perpetuity and transparency, all without management or performance fees to dilute investor returns.    A secular change is moving investors towards digital marketplaces. thirdACT’s offerings reflect this trend. Without compromising returns, investments enable the broader adoption of clean energy technologies.  Now, that’s an investment everyone can feel good about.

thirdACT is women-founded and led.  We have always believed financial companies should be a force for good. We recognize this responsibility and are proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation.