Editor in Chief Middle East Business News

Amal Daraghmeh Masri

Amal is CEO of Ougarit Group and Editor in Chief, CEO, and Founder of Middle East Business News. She holds many positions in local business organizations working for the advancement of women in Palestine and across the Arab world including being board member of Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI) and founding member & former President of Business Women Forum of Palestine.

Amal is founder and former board member of the Middle East Business Women’s Network, member of the Arab International Women’s Forum – London and sits on the steering committee of the Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the ME initiative. She is member of the advisory board and shareholder of Mixberry Media – USA and a member of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Amal is President of Palestine Accueil (part of FIAFE Paris) and is a member observer in the Private Sector,Development and Trade Sector Working Group (PSDT SWG) – LACS. She organizes and heads economic events that tackle economic issues such as unemployment. Amal was voted as being one of the ‘Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in Public Relations in the Arab world’ and ‘Model Arab Woman’ and regularly appears on TV and radio, in Palestine and overseas.  Amal is married to Khaled Masri, her business partner. She has two daughters and one son.
Amal was educated in France.